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Wildling Beauty Cupping Set

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Facial tools have been one of my favorite ways to end my evening, usually I would Gua Sha but when I experienced facial cupping it has become an evening must! If you are thinking of body cupping that is usually done with glass and leaves red bruises, its nothing scary like that. After you get it down a few times its fairly easy and very relaxing. Before we dive into my review lets have some knowledge, after all knowledge is power my friend!

What is Cupping

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine healing aid that can be dated back to 200 AD. It is said to encourage stimulation of the skin and muscles, increases blood circulation, helps stagnate tissues break up which leads to new cell growth, depuffs and reduces fine lines. The light sucking factor activates the lymphatic system, clearing the waste from the tissue. Although this practice may be preformed on the body or face, they are both preformed differently.

Body Cupping is primarily used to alleviate aches and pains whereas facial cupping is us to increase blood flow and rejuvenate the skin. When it comes to the actual cups, body cups are usually made from glass and placed on the skin designed not to move. Facial cups are smaller and softer, allowing a gently pull without leaving any marks behind. Before be dive into how to use the Cups lets check out what they look like.

Inside Wildling Beauty Cupping Set

Wildling Beauty Cupping Set has two facial cups that are perfectly sized for your face and made from high-quality food grade silicon. The larger cup is perfect for the neck, jaw, cheek and forehead, making the smaller cup the exact size for your delicate under eyes, lips and working individual fine lines. Each cup is firm while also being soft and gentle on the skin. Wildling Beauty Cupping Set is sold individual for $35 or as part of the Lumin Cupping Collection Set that includes the Three-In-One Oil, Cloth, Jade Stone Mushroom and the Cups for $139, Code WILD10 saves you 10%, click here.*

How to Facial Cup

Now that we know what it looks like, let's be sure to have a clean face, clean hands, clean tools and an oil so that you have a nice slip on the skin with the tool. Before we start let me tell you that it takes a few times to get it down, try to not get frustrated and give up. Another thing that I have found to be very helpful when it come to any facial work is understanding the face anatomy as well the lymph system. Especially focusing on how everything drains, this way you can work you face and encourage the stagnate fluid to drain better!

Start by applying an facial oil to your face and neck, remember to never use any facial tools on your skin without an oil. Wildling Beauty Three-In-One Oil gives you the power of a cleaner and oil in one, designed for blemish prone skin and may be purchased separately or as part of the set. Code WILD10 saves you 10%, click here.*

Okay now that we have our face oiled and ready, lets get started. You are going to grab the bigger Cup and being working on you neck in an upwards motion. To use the Cups you will squeeze it just above the lower lip and apply to skin, you will feel the skin being to suction up. You can remove your hand to see if its suctioned good. From here you have two techniques you can use,


The first technique is to preform the suction motion over and over as your working upwards. This is done by applying the Cup to the skin and then removing it, in a rolling motion. Repeat this over and over working the whole area. This is great method to use around lips, under eyes and if your working on an individual area.

The second technique is to gently pull the Cup across the face until it naturally releases. This is done by applying the Cup to the skin, while holding the skin with the other and gently pull the Cup across the skin working the direction of the area you working until it naturally releases. Repeat this over the same area a few times before moving on.

Check out my YouTube Video sharing a Full Cupping Tutorial, click here. Which ever technique you are doing be sure to always brace the skin and be gentle. You will preform cupping until you have finished your face and neck. If you are working fine lines you can do that by itself or preform it afterwards. For me I like to use the big Cup starting at my neck, going up to my jaw and then moving up towards my cheek bone working up and outwards. Skipping over my eyes as I will come back to them with the smaller Cup, I then go in between eyebrows aka third eye, work my forehead pulling up towards hair line and then pulling everything over to right in front of ear.

This is where I will move in with the little Cup and do under eyes, lips and any fine lines I might be working on. To finish I grab the big Cup and start by my ear working down my neck to my collar bone. After this you can be done with facial work or may continue with with a Gua Sha stone or Jade Stone Mushroom. Be sure to wipe face and reapply the oil before continuing any facial work. As with any facial work drink a glass of water to help the body flush the toxins that were just moved all around. To learn more about Gua Sha, including my review, YouTube video and the benefits be sure to check out my blog here.

My review

Now that we have some knowledge, know how to preform cupping and what they look like, ready to find out if they are worth the hype? From the first use they are 100% worth the hype. The experience is a hard one to describe but a different one then Gua Sha, Rolling or Jade Stone Mushroom. As you preform the practice you will feel a slight warmth on the skin that is extremely relaxing. The slight pulling suction feels soothing while freeing in a way. It is gentle giving you no need to worry about any marks left behind. Something else I have noticed is if I am having a congested type of day, cupping encourages the sinus to release the congestion which is an added bonus. The last thing I think is a great way to use them is over an acne breakout. If you preform the cupping technique where you apply and release the cup but done over the acne stop, it helps acne clear and be less painful faster. Great for those deep cystic types as well as hormonal breakouts. Defiantly a must use tool, have you tried facial cupping before? Code WILD10 saves you 10%, Click here.*


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