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Thoughts On Pure Culture Beauty

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When you think of customized skin care, what is the first thought that comes to mind? For me it was, "that will be expensive!" What if I told you I have found a brand that offers customized skin care at a price that is so amazing? Yes, I am talking about the brand Pure Culture Beauty. Discover more about them, the process and my full review plus a code to save 30%!

Who is Pure Culture Beauty

Pure Culture Beauty was created by two industry pros that understand our skin is unique to us. A one type fit most approach in skin care isn't always an option. Pure Culture Beauty uses ingredients that are globally clean, meaning over 2700 banned ingredients. Quick understanding the US has less than 50 banned ingredients and the EU has about 1300 banned ingredients. They went above and beyond to give you pure clean skin care good for you and our planet. So good for the planet they are using recyclable packaging and skincare bottles made of glass and sugarcane. How neat is that sugarcane glass!

How it Works

Pure Culture Beauty | Cleanser

With a little better understanding about who they are let's talk about how this all works! The first step is to order your custom serum or skin care set, this includes a free skin test. Once you receive the test kit, you can start the process. There are two test strips one you place on your forehead and another is used on your cheek. The test takes no more than ten minutes and the instructions are super easy. 

Pure Culture Beauty | Toner

After you have your skin test you will go online to purecultrebeauty.com and complete your skin analyzes. This is important to be truthful with yourself so that you can get the right products. You will be asked about your skin goals, lifestyle, sun exposer, diet and your skin test results. After everything is put into your account, custom formulas will be created just for you. Whatever you purchase the products will arrive shortly after completion. When you are ready to replenish your skin care routine and products are saved in your account.

Pure Culture Beauty | Moisturizer

Keep in mind if you purchase just the custom serum, your account will have a complete skin care created not just a serum. This way you can try the serum and if you are enjoying them, which I have a feeling you will, you can purchase any other products that are customized for you and your skin.

My Final Thoughts

Pure Culture Beauty Before And After | Your Toxic Free Momma

I am so for this brand and the products! I can personally see a difference in my skin appearance and texture after using the products for a little over two months. When I took the test, I was very sure I had acne prone skin and was happy to be reassured that I was correct. The only thing I can say that is a drawback is their toner is kind of small coming in at only 1.4oz where most toners are 4oz and I am not a fan of the push dropper that is used for the serums. Personally, I feel it pushed too much of the product out this causing me to wipe it off so I don't apply to much to my face. This causes a lot of product waste but if you use a regular dropper you should have no problem. Those are two minor drawbacks but I have hopes they will work on changing them soon. I am so excited for you to try them and I am confident you will be happy with the products:) Are you ready to experience custom skin care, enjoy 30% off using code yourtoxicfreemomma, Click here*


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