Let's talk Period

Let's talk Period

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One area that you can end up saving a lot of money when going more eco friendly is period products! Before you run away let me tell you there are options for tampons and pads that are eco friendly. Let me talk about some facts then I will share options that will be for all because I want my blog to be for everyone that bleeds from their vagina.

More then 70 percent of women in America use tampons. On average you will go through about 11,000 to 16,000 tampons in your lifetime. You may be shocked to learn that non organic tampons contain harmful chemicals such as phthalats, petroleum, wood fibers, parabens, aluminum salt, fragrances and bleach just to name a few. Yes, you read that correctly it says Bleach. These chemicals among others have been linked to cancer, infections, vaginal dryness and hormonal disturbance. If you don't wear tampons, don't worry pads are just as bad. You can still get an infection like toxic shock from a feminine pad and infections of this manner can become deadly.

Yes, unfortunately non-organic feminine pads are filled with insecticides, phthalates, bleach and fragrances. After all the FDA does not require the menstrual hygiene products manufacturers to disclose the ingredients used in their products. Putting your vagina health at the top of your health list even if it is only once month is so important, especially since your vagina is the most absorbent part of your whole body.

Okay now that we have that out the way lets talk about the products that you can use that are effective, eco friendly and better for your health.


  • Rael Tampons 
  • Cora Tampons
  • August Tampons this brands entire product is compostable from the packaging and applicators to the pads and tampons themselves.

Reusable Tampon Swap

This option will not only save you money because they last for 10 years but you will also be saving toilet paper money from wrapping used feminine products. Also eco friendly because you are not producing any waste each month, read my full review about the period cup here

  • Saalt Period Cup
  • Saalt Period Disc


  • Rael Pads
  • August Pads this brands entire product is compostable from the packaging and applicators to the pads and tampons themselves.
  • Rael Period Underwear these are great option for after child birth and to be used at night. No more unwanted leaks plus its bad to sleep in a tampon.

Reusable Pad Swap

I am in love with my period underwear and wish I would have used them sooner! Currently I am using the Thinx brand love them but heard they are getting sued so I didn't want to recommend them:(

  • Washable Pads, Rael with wings or Search Etsy
  • Washable Period Underwear, Saalt Period Underwear

What do you use for your period care?

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