Natural Pain Relief Products

Natural Pain Relief Products

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I know that we all have delt with pain in the body and can say it's not that great. And I am sure we all know how harmful medications like Tylenol, Advil and prescription can be on the body and your liver. For me I have understood that most of the time I can manage my pain naturally but are aware of when my body needs extra help. I can honestly tell you that the only pain meds I have are from back surgery in Oct. 2020, only used 5 pills and Tylenol we have is probably expired lol.

Pain is something that I have to deal with daily so for me personally I didn't want to be taking a bunch of medicine daily. I discovered what has worked for me and wanted to share in case you are looking for a more natural option to help when the pain isn't over the top!

Arnica Gel* or Tablets* - From Boiron that I will use on sore muscles and bruises. Available in tablets or gel form and can find this online really anywhere Amazon, Target, Walgreens but Walmart will be your cheapest option.

CBD Liquid - I will take by mouth and place under my tongue. This takes about 15-30 mins to start working and gives you the same relief as pain pills but without the extreme fatigue and potential organ damage. Buying a trusted CBD is going to be important as not all created equally and some have mct oil added.

CBD +THC Relief Balm - I live in Illinois and it is legal in my state for recreational marijuana to be sold and used. Please follow state law. I found this lotion at a dispensary and it is created with CBD & THC along with clean ingredients. It gives you nice muscle and joint relief and starts working within 15 mins. Has a light menthol scent but nothing overpowering like icy hot or biofreeze. Check dispensary's in your area if acceptable and look for CBD +THC Relief Balm.

Bath - If the pain is in my low back of your legs, feet, low stomach you can draw yourself a warm bath and fill it with 2 cups of Epsom salt, a dropper of CBD Liquid and soak for 20 mins. Optionally you can add Arnica flowers or powder, look for high quality and organic. Mountain Rose Herbs is my go to since discovering them in 2018

Misc. - Here are a few things that you can try adding if you are in constant pain. Add Turmeric and black pepper tablets to your daily diet, along with Fresh, Frozen or Raw Cherry Juice will help reduce inflammation. Also know if you have any food allergens, even if mild can cause your muscles and joints to ache. Move the body the best you can daily and walk 30 mins a day.

These are all a part of my pain management routine and use them all as needed. Your pain is how you feel it and is valid, always listen to your body and if the pain is so bad use medication as prescribed. Do you have any other natural pain options you do that I didn't list?

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