My Go To Low Toxin Body & Hair Products

My Go To Low Toxin Body & Hair Products

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Using natural products are hit or miss and that is the honest truth! In the beginning of make the switch to less toxin products I quickly learned that most "organic beauty bloggers" were only sharing products they were getting paid to say were so good! One of the main reasons I started this page because I wanted you to find products that were low toxin that actually work regardless of my affiliated status. These are my go to body & hair products that are a hit and in all budgets. PS: I haven't swapped my perfume out


  • Deodorant
  • Lotion, Moisturizer & Body Oil
  • Body Wash (I use liquid soap, body bars dry my skin out, even organic ones)
    • Alaffia Everyday Shea* 32 oz $16.99 (I have purchased 4 bottles of this and last forever for the price. I get the boys unscented and Cambree and myself try different scents. Doesn't dry your skin out!) 
    • Native* 11.5 oz $9 (This is my backup soap I always have in my closet. We use it if we run out of the other and are waiting for it to arrive or will use for gifts because its an easy item to encourage others to start using better ingredients)
  • Shaving Bar
    • Badger Balm* Shaving Soap Bar $11.99
    • Eco Roots Shaving Soap $12.99 (I go with this one because its a bigger size and will last you for every, store on wooden soap dish)
  • Self Tanner (I am not a self tanner user but these are the top 5 in no particular order)

Hair (I have fine straight non dyed hair and these are the brands that worked for that hair type!)

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