Have you Heard of Lovesong Beauty?

Have you Heard of Lovesong Beauty?

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Hello friend, I hope you are having a great day or evening. First I want to say thank you for being here and checking my post out and secondly I will say these are my own opinions and thoughts.

Who is Lovesong Beauty?

Lovesong Beauty is a beauty company that was established in 2020 and launched a weightless leave in conditioner and invisible dry shampoo gel in February 2021. Something that sets this company above the rest is that the owner Emily, spent the last 15 years in the natural products industry as a sales executive for natural & organic food brands. With all this knowledge of the market along with what thing did and didn't work allowed her to chose each ingredient for wellness & beauty benefits.

Not only is each ingredient chosen for wellness & beauty benefits but there packaging selected to be more eco friendly by using recyclable aluminum & glass. Their product boxes are created from 70% recycled paper and source shipping materials to include recyclable & compostable tissue paper, green wrap and cello tape. As that wasn't enough they create Lovesong items using renewable wind energy in California, USA. Find out more about them and there partnerships here.

My Top Three Products

Now that we know more about them and we feel good supporting this company and all the good they are about lets break down my favorite products! I have had the privilege of trying all their products and have my top 3 that I will continue to repurchase. Before we start I want to add in here that all three of my picks come in aluminum and have a pump top. The pump top comes with no need to buy it extra and is great for anyone that has a hard time squeezing a slippery bottle. having to use a shower chair the pump tops I can say are more accessible for me that squeeze type of containers. 

3rd place is the Ultralush Conditioner formulated with hemp seed, aloe and jojoba great for all hair types and texture. Its lightweight, color safe and has scents of lavender, orange and eucalyptus.

Pump tops make it so much easier in the shower to use then trying to squeeze a slippery bottle. My hair always has nice volume and is super soft after using. Recommend over and over

2nd place is the Nectarous Body Cream formulated with coconut, jojoba and evening primrose safe for all skin types. It not only provides moisture but it also keeps the skin hydrated longer with the scent of vanilla.

Nectarous Body Cream is beauty, it melts into your skin with ease on damp or dry skin. You can use a smaller amount because a little goes a long way. My skin stays hydrated longer allowing me to use less and in turn I have soft moisturized skin.

1st place for me is the Evergreen Shampoo formulated with seaweed, green tea and aloe safe for all hair types. It comes in more of a gel like texture and suds up beautifully. With scents of lemon, balsam fir and eucalyptus you will enjoy a moment of calmness.

The jelly texture was new as a shampoo what goes on the hair so nicely. Rubbing this Evergreen Shampoo in between your hands before applying gives you such a nice clean not to mention you hair looks clean. Its shiny, plump and overall looks healthy. I have used 1 bottle and just ran out of my second bottle. Natural shampoos are either hit or miss and let me tell you don't pass on this! This is a win hands down and will continue to keep this shampoo in my shower.

Do you think you will take the plunge into Lovesong Beauty

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