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You're Not Alone in Your Acne Struggle

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Why do most retailers advertise making it seem that only women suffer from skin care issues? But besides the big companies, majority of people believe that boys/men do not need to have a skin care routine. Acne problems happen to everyone, no matter the race, sex or age. Growing up I was never taught very good skin care lessons, which resulted in horrible acne and self confidence issues, the kids at school call me Pizza Face. Yes, I still remember the laughs, points and names and I wish nobody had to suffer from acne. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's when my skin care education began. During my education I was learning so much, including why most skin care products in big retailers have harsh ingredients, irritating you skin even more. 

Currently I am 31 years old suffering from thyroid problems and PCOS, bringing hormonal cystic acne along my jaw line. Being able to clear most of my acne has been such an amazing feeling. I mean when you can apply mineral makeup and leave the house its an amazing win for me! It takes more than a clean skin care routine, eating the right foods and removing sulfates & parabens from the home has tremendously helped. Being honest with yourself, your kids or friends is the best way to go about dealing with acne. 

No matter your age, sex or race, if you are just starting a skin care routine give yourself a hug, you are showing yourself love by tending to your skins needs. Before we dive into skin care let's take a moment to look around the house. In the bathroom look to use hair and body products that are both sulfate and paraben free and crafted from clean organic ingredients. Always, Check Labels! Next, towels and wash rages should be made from 100% organic or bamboo and washed in a sulfate free clean laundry soap and no dryer sheets. Bamboo towels are such a good investment as they are durable, soft and do not hold bacteria. As said before laundry use a clean laundry soap Molly Suds is a great brand and use wool dryer balls in the dryer. If you are looking for a little scent add a few drops of 100% Organic Essential oils, (I love Mountain Rose Herbs) to the dryer balls before drying. Adding a little lavender adds a calming effect which is also important with acne. Keeping stress levels down always benefits more than your skin!

Okay so we went through the house now lets go into the kitchen. With our skin being the largest organ in our body we need to treat it as such. Clearing the kitchen from any processed, genetically modified, sugary or junk type food helps more then your skin. Understanding that your gut is connected to your skin helps understand why acne is present in the first place. If you have been following me for a while you know I love the 80/20 method so believe me I'm not asking you not to live! As this seems a little over whelming just take it slow, one advice I give to anyone suffering from really bad acne eliminate all inflammatory foods and pay attention to night shade fruits and veggies for one month. During this month begin the skin care routine and begin to watch the acne disappear. After one month slowing add food back into your diet and when and if you have acne two-three days later make a note to not eat that item. Please note that before you eliminate food take to you doctor. Also talk to doctor about getting food allergy tested, I just found out at 31 that I am allergic to Dairy and Egg, Gluten Intolerant and because I am suffering from both PCOS and Thyroid I have eliminated Soy. 

Now we are ready to dive into skin care, turn all your products over and check the labels. Look for clean ingredients, fragrance and dye free and designed for your skin type. Last thing we want to do is use a product designed for dry skin when we have acne/oily. Keeping it simple use three products all designed for acne Wash, Toner and Facial Serum daily both morning and evening. During the day don't forget your sunscreen. Always patch test a small spot on the inside of you arm 24 hours before using a new product. Once a week you will want to apply a Detox Mask and exfoliate, not back to back days usually Monday and Thursday work good.Once you begin take a picture of your face the first day you started, one two weeks in and one 4 weeks in compare so you can see it. Let's face it sometimes we don't see our self through positive eyes. When you being you skin journey keep in mind that it takes three weeks for you skin to fully detox and show improvement. Don't give up, the end result is worth it!

Take a deep breath, relax and allow your beauty to shine through. Know that you are beautiful no matter what and you are not alone in this acne struggle. Check out my before and after.

Acne Struggle | MotherEarth Inc.

I cannot wait to see your before and after pictures! If you have any question, concerns or just want to talk, send me a message I would love to hear from you! You got this!

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