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What Is Holistic Wellness?

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Growing up and living life traditionally, I never thought about holistic health or took time to explore any information on it. Being honest I feel there is a stigma around holistic health that its doesn't work, or like one of my son's friends called me a Hippie. I took it as a compliment, but just went to show that the mind is so shut to the possibility that pharmaceutical is NOT the only way. Living in a rural farm town that runs on gas station pizza and fried chicken, a few restaurants (local pancake house style) and a bar selling bar food. Not to mention at Walmart the amount of people eating clean and organic in our area is so small they stock very minimal organic options.

Living holistically and eco-conscious is all about mindset, how open are you to exploring things that are new to you? In a nut shell holistic health is living a life that you choose to heal your mind, body and spirit using natural methods and looking at your body as a whole rather than an illness. I think of as living from Mother Earth while taking care of mine and my families wellness as well as caring for the planet. With a little understanding about what it is, let's have a real talk about why? Why you should forget all you know about traditional health and trust a new health approach.

What Is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic Wellness is a practice that cares for the whole body, mind and spirit. Comparing it to conventional practice that cares for the one problem or diagnoses without trying to care for the whole body. Holistic wellness uses a natural approach encouraging herbs, supplements, lifestyle changes, environmental factors, diet changes, essential oils and cleaning up your gut. If you take a moment to think about our bodies, they work together from top to bottom like a well oiled machine. Once one thing begins to go on the machine the domino effect begins. This is the same as our bodies, if one thing is out of place, other parts begin to work harder only to eventually have that part go and it continues until your body eventually can't handle it anymore. 

Taking the holistic approach using the same analogy, we would look at the body as a whole and begin changes throughout our lifestyle from food, cleaning products to laundry and skin care. It all matters, it all matters together. 

Taking the conventional route and using the same analogy, we would fix the originally part that started to go. Once that is fixed or so they believe something else went wrong, why you may be thinking? Simple because while that part was not working correctly, the other parts had to still pick up the slack meaning they now have become weaker. Now we are back at the doctor probably being put on another prescription to only have another domino fall a few months later. Either the medicine is causes wreckage on other parts on your body, it bring side effects that were worse than the original problem or it doesn't help. 

Why Change Lifestyle

The food on the store shelves are created using genetically modified, added sugars, chemical, preservatives, pesticides, added salt, added hormones, and high fruit corn syrup just to name a few. Oral care products are full of sulaftes, parabens, chemicals, artificial sweeteners and flavors, preservatives, fluoride, Dietthanolamire (DEA) and propylene glyycol (PG). The chemical SLS(Sulfate) is contaminated with carcinogenic byproducts that is linked to canker sores and skin irritations. Skin, body and laundry care is filled with that same fragrances, alcohol, sulfates, parbens, preservatives plus more. To find out more about what is inside traditional products and how damaging they are on the body check out my blog about Choosing Clean Living for you and Our Planet, here.

Why Choose Holistic Approach

It's safer for your heath, your family and our planet, but I'm sure you are looking for a deeper answer! Holistic medicine can be dated back 5000 years ago, long before pharmaceutical medicine. Seems to me that if holistic medicine wasn't effective, it would have made it this long. Approaching your health as more a whole than one thing is really going to change your life! The price of living holistic can save you money and time not having to go to the doctor to often. Keep in mind that holistic approach is not always an option or the right option. Always do what feels right to you and no one else. I believe you are going to love this life and just wait until you are so in tune with your body you begin to take control of everything from mood swings, hormonal changes and knowing when you need to take care of you. Have you began living this lifestyle, how are you enjoying it? I would love to hear your story! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day :)






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