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Stop Touching Your Face With Your Product Dropper

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Your scrolling social media and you start seeing people placing the dropper directly onto their face, showing off the texture and the dropper. Please stop doing it! First and foremost if you skin care company is advertising you to place a dropper directly onto your face and then putting it back in to the bottle think twice. Bacteria is something we are trying to keep off our face and out of our products, why would a company and influencers encourage you to place the dropper onto your face and then put it back into the bottle? Why would a company and influencers want you to put bacteria into a product over and over? 

Those questions were ones that I asked myself every time I would see the picture with the dropper placed directly onto the face. Feeling like that companies and influencers that encourage poor product handling do not care about your well being. They do not care that they are encouraging you to put bacteria into your skin care and then transferring it onto your skin. Is that a company or influencer you want to support? While droppers are not the only problem, they seem to be the picture everyone is going after. 

What Bacteria is Found inside Skin Care Products

You might be asking yourself how much bacteria can really get into my products? A two year research study was done on looking at cultures from tester bottles in department stores to see what was growing inside. Sit down its nasty, they found staph, strep, and E. coli inside all the products. Comparing the tester after a Saturday when the stores see the most traffic the bacteria inside increased by 100%. Testers have a high traffic with many people touching and applying with no information if they washed there hands or skin, but they result in the same bacteria that can be found in your products at home if you are not handling them properly. Before reaching for the tester at the store ask yourself is it worth it?

When it comes to skin care you can find products that come in jars, bottles with droppers, pump tops, mister tops, rollers and vials just to name a few. Never, never, never should you place you hands into the product. Even if you have clean hands the chances of spreading bacteria are still present. Keeping bacteria off you skin is the goal, not adding more! If you are think that, my hands are clean because I just washed them your wrong. Did you read our blog about towels? If not you can check it our here, but a quick recap is that traditional towels have bacteria left on them even after three washes. So your clean hands were just dried with a towel that has bacteria on it, now that bacteria is transferred from the towel to your hands and then into your product and in turn being placed onto your face. This bacteria in your products will start to grow only for you to open the next day and spread it all over skin. 

Tips for proper product handling

  • Keep water and hands out of products always. Use spoon to scoop our products.
  • Always close products and store in them in dark cool place. Some products require refrigeration so please check.
  • Always look at the use by date. Write an open date on the bottom of the product as most products have a longer shelf life before being opened and once opening the shelf life is shorter.
  • If using products in the shower like body scrubs, scoop out the amount your are going to use and place it into a bowl that way you are keeping water out of the product.
  • When applying facial mask, if using a masking brush always clean and sanitize after using. If using hands scoop out with spoon and apply with clean air dried hands.
  • Always clean makeup brushes after each use and if using makeup brushes daily, deep clean the brushes once a week.
  • Avoid to the use of sponges to apply your makeup. There is no way to really get them clean and mold was found in several sponges once they were cut in half.  

So please, for one skin care company please stop putting the droppers on your face, putting your fingers in your jars and not washing your makeup brushes. You products and skin will thank you, after all nobody wants to cover there self in staph, strep, and E. coli, right! Do you have any tips about keeping bacteria out of your products and cosmetics? 


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