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Non Toxic Sexy Time Guide

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Hey there, I know this can be a blushy topic but I want you to know it shouldn't be! It's okay to talk about sex, there should be no shame but also this is important for you overall vaginal health. After all your vagina just so happens to be 10x more absorbent than your mouth meaning whatever you put in or on will be absorb almost immediately. Before we dive in let's take a minute to discuss why we want to use safer nontoxic options.

How many times have you flipped over a food product or skin care product going through the ingredients with a fine tooth comb only to not even think about condoms and lubes? It's okay, I was doing the same thing until I learned more about clean products. 

What's Inside Conventional Condoms and Lubes

Typically condoms are filled with carcinogenic chemicals, like nitrosamines, and spermicides, which have been shown to cause irritation (despite their helpful intentions). Both oil based and water based conventional lubes are filled with synthetic fragrance, parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, synthetic colorants/flavors and most always will throw off your bodies natural ph balance. Having an unbalance ph leads to irritation, itchiness and odor not to mention the chemicals that cause; unbalanced hormones, fertility issues and infections. Sex should be enjoyable not leave you with unpleasant after effects. 

One thing is important when using condoms and lube together is be sure you are using water based lube. Any oil based natural or not will cause the condom to breakdown leaving you with a risk of it breaking. This can lead to pregnancy or even STI's, yes I said STI because they changed them to Sexually Transmitted Disease to Infections because they can be cured. Ready to get shopping, below you will find a list of safe condoms. I personally do not use condoms as I have been with my husband for 13 years but these all have really great reviews so I'm listing in order of cost cheapest to most expensive!

 Safer Condom Choices


Lovability Nontoxic Condoms available in one size starting at $9 


Lola Ultra Thin Condoms available in one size starting at $11


Maude Ultra Thin Condoms available in one size for $12


$17.99 GLYDE Ultra Thin Premium Condoms - 12-Count Standard Fit/Extra Sensitive


Latex Allergy?

No matter who has the latex allergy, you or your partner finding a non synthetic option isn't really there. I did find a lambskin condom, yes that says lambskin but a lot of people say it smells and fells weird so you can research that if that is something you are looking for.

$17.99 SKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms Variety Pack, 24 Count

 Safer Lube Options

Personally using lubes I will ranking these from best to worst.

Might be TMI but this is our favorite we like the H2Oh one! This is a little travel set so you can try out both the water based and aloe based to see which one you like the best. Also has a little body oil for a nice message. This comes in at $17.50


Sliquid Lubricants H2O Naturals Water Based Lubricant, 2oz $9.95



$10.99 Aloe Cadabra Flavored Personal Lube for Oral Sex, Best Organic Edible Lubricant for Men, Women and Couples, Pina Colada, 2.5 Ounce


Lola Lubricant water based and hypoallergenic starting at $13



Maude aloe based lube starting at $10 - $25

$6.99 Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant, 1.5 oz Tube

There you have it, hopefully you will find what works best for you and your partner. Don't be afraid to try things out, not every product is right for every couple or individual! Do you have any more recommendations, please leave a comment or send me an email? Can't wait to hear from your.






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