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Honey Tapping and Dry Brush 101

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You are in the loofah section again and see body brushes but are curious to know if they are worth picking up? I am here to tell you everything you need to know about what, why and how to dry brush and honey tap! Before jumping into what honey tapping is, let's discover what dry brushing is. If you already are a dry brush pro but are interested in what honey tapping in just scroll down a little bit!

What Is Dry Brushing?

A dry brush is a hand held brush that you use on your body to achieve a gentle exfoliation and movement of the lymph system! Benefits of exfoliating on dry skin are keeping moisture in your skin, removing the layer build up of dry and dead skin cells and promotes new cell turn over, leaving you with smooth healthy skin. Over exfoliating can cause dryness, in turn defeating the purpose! While you are getting a gentle exfoliation, you are also improving circulation and detoxing. The lymph system doesn't move on its own, with dry brushing you are moving the system allowing the toxins to be released resulting in less puffiness, brighter and healthier skin.

How Often Should I Dry Brush?

It is recommended that you dry brush daily, but I personally either forget or am rushing! I do my best to do it a few times a week but don't beat myself up if I forget :)

How to Dry Brush!

What you will need:

Dry Brush

Glass of Water


Step 1: Have a dry brush ready, look for one that isn't too rough as we don't want to damage our skin but also made from clean materials. 

Step 2: Always preform dry brushing on dry skin and shower immediately after.

Step 3: Begin at your ankles working in an upward motion ending over your heart. Make long strokes over legs and arms and small circles on the back and torso. Breast may be tender so be sure to ease up on pressure when going over those sections. Go over each area twice as more can cause the protective layer to breakdown leaving you with unwanted damage. 

Step 4: Before jumping in the shower, drink a full glass of water. Moving the lymph system release toxins into the body and the best way to get rid of the toxins is through urination and sweat.

Step 5: Shower, wash, breath and relax!

What is Honey Tapping?

Honey tapping is the act of tapping your face while wearing a honey mask.

Why Honey Tap?

Just like with the dry brushing you are going to achieve a gentle exfoliating, detox and helps pull blackheads out. The rolling motion you preform with your hands give the skin a gentle pull allowing the layer build up to be removed as well as stimulating the lymph system. Same as the body the lymph's in the face and neck need to be moved manually, honey tapping does just that while not stripping the skin from its protective barrier. Honey is also a great cleanser and filled with antibacterial properties, encouraging less bacteria build up when struggling with acne.

How Often Should I Honey Tap?

Once a week, twice max with using daily gua sha and jade rolling to keep the lymph system moving. Since adding gua sha into my daily skin care routine I have noticed a less puffy face, brighter and healthier looking skin and less acne near my neck and ear(Signs of stagnate lymph). My go to gua sha is from Wildling Beauty, I have 10% off for you, using code WILD10 click here* and enjoy shopping!

How to Honey Tap!

What you need:

Raw Manuka Honey, If don't have stick with a raw organic honey option

Spoon to scoop out the honey

Glass of Water

Step 1: Start with clean hands and a dry face. Use a spoon to scoop out the honey and apply the honey with hands or a mask brush to entire face and neck.

Step 2: Wait 10-15 mins or until honey starts to get pretty sticky!

Step 3: Take your fingers and hold them together, working from the pinky to index finger roll onto skin giving yourself a slight pulling effect. Begin at the chin working towards the ear, move up working in a inward out motion. When on the forehead be sure to roll upward and neck roll downward. 

Step 4: Rinse your face with warm water and a wash rag. Honey is a natural cleanser so depending on your skin type washing afterwards is optional. S

Step 5: Drink a full glass of water. Moving the lymph system release toxins into the body and the best way to get rid of the toxins is through urination and sweat. Drink up, think about adding a fresh squeezed lemon for even more benefits. Read more about lemon benefits here.

I hope you have learned and are ready to start detoxing your body today! You can preform both of these at the same time, apply your mask first allowing time to dry while your are dry brushing! By the time you are done dry brushing, you face should be ready. This also means you only need to drink that glass of water once! If you have any questions or thoughts leave me a comment below or send me an email!


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