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Holistic Isn't Always the Right Choice

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Living more holistic doesn't mean traditional medicine isn't needed. As I began my journey into living with more of a holistic approach I started to see the divide. Either way each approach would have something negative to say about each other. I also started to feel as if making a choice to live holistically while also using traditional medicine was frowned upon. After struggling and still dealing with my own personal health issues I wanted to come out and be the person to tell you, no matter what health choice you make, no matter if you us traditional medicine or holistic medicine or if you use both approaches, its okay. Doing what is best for you is what matters at the end of the day, not what others think!

I am proud to be practicing both holistic and traditional medicine. Honestly not going to a traditional doctor is something that I am not willing to give up. Suffering from thyroid issues and having a RAI treatment, not taking a thyroid replacement medication my body would become very sick. A few things that have helped me merge both approaches into what works for me, my family and our health are!

Do you Research

This is probably the biggest thing I can press about, no matter what approach you are going with understanding what is wrong is everything. Many doctors will give you a diagnosis, send you home with printouts or a pamphlet and tell you the most common treatment plan. Make sure the sites that you are reading are credible, look for a .org or .gov, Mayo Clinic has great stuff also. After reading umpteen pages write them down and take them back to the doctor. Talk each out and work together to get the best outcome for you. You don't always have to agree but both you and the doctor should be on the same path. 

Stand Up For Yourself

I will admit standing up to a doctor didn't start until I was 29 but every since I have felt more in control of my health and understand my body much better. It may take going through a few doctors but once you find that one that listens to you, decides treatment plans talking them out with you and is willing to try whatever it takes to find answers. Honestly it took myself going through three different Endocrinology (Thyroid) before finding the one to listen to me. I knew from the beginning that the medicine I was on was not being absorb into my body properly not allow my thyroid hormone to level out for three years. The third endocrinologist took a few visits but finally put me on a medicine that contains no fillers and made in a gel capsule with only the hormone. Since the medicine switch my thyroid has finally leveled out and haven't had any issues in 6 months!

Merging both Practices

Since taking more of a holistic approach I have seen the benefits right before my eyes, while also understanding the importance traditional medicine is. Things that I have done to help mange both approach is:

  • Small things like, cold, flu, fevers (as long as controlled), cuts, allergies, headaches, stomach troubles, ect. I like to keep things holistic. Check out my Holistic Medicine Cabinet Guide Here
  • Infections that require antibiotics I will go with traditional medicine. I don't like to use a lot of antibiotics but thankfully our kids don't have to use antibiotics very often, some not even for years!
  • Medications, first thing I ask myself is "is this needed" if not than I wont fill the script and will look for a holistic approach. If a medication is needed I will look for the purest form of the drug. Usually looking for something in a gel capsule as those do not carry any filler ingredients. The only medication I am taking is called TRISTON at 88mg daily for my thyroid.
  • Hospital visits and stays, these are both stressful and it's okay to just let the doctors and nurses do what they think is best. It's also okay to voice your want's and not want's working together with them. You are in control of your health and body so if you do not want to take  a medication then you do not need to. Personally I tend to let the doctors and nurses do what they think is best for small decisions but will refuse certain types of drugs.

At the end of the day your health and wellness is yours! Do what works best for what you are going through and make a well informed decision. No matter what you choose, there is no wrong answer. How do you choose the right medical choice for you?


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