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Eco Up the Holiday

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Did you know that in the US during the holiday season we produce 25% more waste? 25 million tons of extra waste in the span of just one short month. According to Stanford University "If every American family wrapped just three presents in reusable material, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields." Can you see the trees laying there instead of paper? So much waste, but unfortunately wrapping waste is not the only waste produced through the holidays. Discover all the way's to reduce your waste this holiday season. 

Wrapping Options


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    Paper Less

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      Holiday Parties and Celebrations

      Don't get me wrong the convenience of using disposable plates, silverware, cups and bake during parties is so much easier then washing all those dishes. Not only does it cost money each party your produce waste for the landfills that can be reduced. I have created ways to swap out items to produce less waste and you can celebrate eco-consciously.  



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        Food Waste

        We produce food waste from throwing away food and the packaging and containers that the food comes in. Tips to avoid excessive food waste are:
        • Replace plastic produce bags with Bento Bags
        • Try to avoid buying pre-made platters as the come in plastic  
        • Break down cardboard box's and recycle or re-purpose
        • Create a list of food and stick to it helping you avoid over buying or impulse purchasing. 
        • Create recipes with leftovers
        • Try to avoid over baking. I know that is a tough one right, so turn your extra baked items into gifts!

          Holidays Cards

          According to Stanford University over 2.65 billion Christmas cards are purchased in the US each holiday season. That is enough to fill a football field 10 stories high. That is a lot of cards and not to mention all the photo holiday cards that are made. I would never tell you to stop sending Holiday cards as they bring joy to so many so here a just a few tips to help produce less cards.
          • Swap a few cards for E-Cards
          • Replace a few cards with a handcrafted card made from recycled materials
          • Have your cards printed on recycled paper
          • Send one less card this year
          Even if you start with just one swap out you are on your way to reducing the waste. How are you going to have an eco friendly holiday this year?

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