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Body Butter, Lotion & Oil, What are they All!

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A few years ago, I would be honest to tell you I had no idea what body butter, lotion and oil where let alone that they were even those three options! Today I am much more educated and have learned what each are, how they are different and even how to make my oil body butter and oil. I promise to share both recipes alone with tips no one talks about soon! First lets discuss what they all are and better understand how each are different.

Body Butter/Cream

This is the jar of whipped heaven, but be advised that not all are created equal. Body butter is a thick moisturizer that is created with butter such as mango, shea, or cocoa, mixed with oils such as coconut, olive or argan and some infused with essential oil such as lavender, rose, blue tansy and more. You will likely find arrowroot powder to help absorb oils making the body butter less oily and slippery. There should also be zero water inside the ingredients.

Body Cream will be not as thick as body butter and will most likely contain a small amount of water. It will be more moisturizing that lotion but not as moisturizing as body butter. 

Body butter is best for using in the evening and is great for dry skin. Depending on where you live this is a must for those colder dry months also. My family goes through more jars in the winter months than summer and fall for sure!

Primally Pure Body Butter | Your Toxic Free Momma

When I am not making my own body butter I have been enjoying Primally Pure Body Butter, provides great moisture without being greasy. Code YTFM10 will save you 10%, check them out here*.

Body Lotion

I am sure we all know what lotion is, but did you know that most lotion is actually causing your skin to be dry? Body lotions do not provide your skin with moisture and most are filled with water. Lotions are created using water, small amount of oil, fragrances or essential oil and some kind of preservative. Since they don't provide your skin with moisture or hydration that you are looking to put in, I would opt out of using body lotion. One less thing to buy and are supporting less product waste!

Body Oil

This by far might be one of my favorite discoveries in body care products! Body oil is so luxurious that once you find your favorite you will never go without :) From the name body oil I am sure you are picturing a body looking shiny and greasy, did I guess right? If I did its okay, I was picturing the same thing until finding out that body oil is more moisturizing because it is the closest thing to our skin's natural serum texture. It also absorbs quicker into the skin than butters, creams or lotions.

Body oils are created using luxurious oils such as baobab oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil and adding in essential oils giving you a relaxing spa experience. There should be zero water in the ingredients. Body oil can save you money because a little goes a long way; you will be able to use 3 pumps on your entire body whereas you will need over an entire palm full of lotion to cover the entire body! Best if used after shower and applied to damp skin, the dampness helps the oil absorb better and go farther on the body. I promise by the time you are ready for clothes the oil will have already been absorb and your skin will be moisturized and glowing.

28 Litsea | Your Toxic Free Momma

My absolute favorite body oil is from 28Litsea, Christine is the owner and she creates such a beautiful product. Your senses and skin will be glowing defiantly worth supporting her small business. Check her out here.

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