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January Recap

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January 2022 was a month of bitter cold with some warm days, just the right amount of snow (the amount that doesn't require much shoveling lol) and a great start to the new year. Its funny that I just said "January was the right amount of snow" cause as I am writing this we have a snow storm coming in that is supposed to last 2 days and bring 8-16 inches of snow. If that happens then February will start with lots of shoveling. Anyways enough about the weather lets talk about January.

Few random things that have happened last month around the US, the pandemic is still alive and getting worse, the Football Team Cincinnati Bengals are headed to the Superbowl for the first time in 34 years, the first successful pig to human heart transplant happened and we learned just how expensive those electric car batteries are! I also want you to think how can these electric cars be eco friendly when the batteries only last 6-8 years and are extremally toxic to dispose of. Not to mention they are huge batteries, just imagine a hill of toxic car batteries just leaching all the toxins into the ground that will absorb and then the entire area is toxic!

Okay back on track lol our January was pretty quite and that's just what is needed. This month is a great time for us to really reset and ask ourselves how will this year be better! Doing this has allowed me to figure things out how I want my social media to be and have started the transformation. I deleted ever pic, IGTV, Reel on Instagram, created a new Pinterest account, deleted blogs that didn't work on my new vison and cleaned up my Facebook account to start fresh. Sometimes you have to tear it down to build it up!

For me this change isn't really a big change just more not caring about what anyone else thinks change. I promise when you really stop caring about what others think because you will never be able to please everyone its this huge weight you didn't know you had weighing you down!

The whole month I didn't purchase any new skin, body or hair products as I am trying to use all the products I have up. No need to create product waste and sometimes with PR packages the products begin to add up. Little trick to remember is if you have a product that you didn't like for you face and didn't cause any skin irritation use it up on your body! Last month I meal prepped for the first time ever and I think I am in love.

For me dinner time is usually over 3 hours long from start to clean up and I decided that I didn't want to dread dinner time anymore! After gathering all the ingredients and supplies needed, it took under 2 hours to create an entire week of dinners, snacks and produce prep. I can tell you that week was so relaxed and dinner was so quick and easy. Would highly recommend giving it a try.

As for the family, everyone is doing well and growing, my mother in law lives with us from October - May 1st which can be challenging at times but important to have family close and take care of them. We got a dishwasher put in and for me its exciting because I haven't had one since I have been an adult I'm 34 in March! We also got a new bigger water heater put in meaning longer shower time and laminate flooring is going in to get rid of all the carpet. Thankfully we rent so these big expense are not our responsibility but its still nice when things get fixed and updated.

My February Mindset Shifts:

  • Finding more clam and relaxation
  • Going with the flow more
  • Patience and forgiveness
  • Positive thoughts 

Can't wait to see what February has in store but I have a strong feeling its going to be shorted then January, lol. Come hang with me on Instagram @simplychannon & Facebook @simplychannon1 I usually am in stories all day and post on no schedule because life is life and its full of the unknown. Until next month have a wonderful February 2022. What are your February Mindset Shifts?


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