All about Me

All about Me

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Welcome to Simply Channon a safe place to share my personal life while encouraging better choices for you and our planet. My name is Channon pronounced with a cha cha sound. I’m 34, a mom to three ages 14, 11 and 8, wife to one and your judgment free friend! We live in a very rural country town in Illinois surrounded by cornfields, tractors and no stop lights with some roads aren't even stripped. Before living a cleaner lifestyle, we were living with no regard to our planet, our health or our families health. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Graves Disease an autoimmune disease that was effecting my thyroid. Doing what I thought was right at the time I had a RAI (Radio Active Iodine Treatment) making the thyroid no longer work all without having to have surgery. Few months after the treatment the real fun began.

Unable to level out my thyroid my body couldn't handle the stress anymore. All of a sudden I was down to 110 lbs (I was at 144), more hair was falling out, cystic acne was worse, I was constantly freezing (even in 90 degree weather), extreme mood swings were no joke, anxiety with panic attacks and joint and muscle pain that was so bad there were days I could barley walk. To say I was miserable was an understatement but I knew something drastic needed to happen. I told myself from that moment I was going to heal my body, mind and life one day at a time. With healing I decided it was time to get a full body physical, because being honest it had been years since I had one. I asked the doctor to run every test, hormone test, image scan, specialist what ever it was I needed to feel better and that's what she did. I discovered I had high testosterone levels from PCOS, high good cholesterol, high liver enzymes and food allergies, just to begin. 

As more negative results rolled in, my research into organic holistic living became my every waking moment. I was bound and determined to find answers and so my journey began. My journey to living a healthy holistic and eco-conscious life has been rewarding in ways I couldn't imagine. My body has begun to heal, less skin acne, healthier gut and more mindful choices from the whole family. This has also allowed me to very successful regulate my thyroid hormone to only have to see the doctor once a year instead of every 3 months!

October of 2020 I had my second back surgery this time fusing and placing two rods and four screws. Due to surgeon error during surgery I am currently disabled with nerve and spinal cord damage on the right side. I use a beautiful walker everywhere along with a foot AFO to hold my foot up and have started the process for my custom wheelchair. Four months after have my back surgery, I had to have my right ovary and fallopian tube removed due to a cancer scare. Read more about it here. If life wasn't stressful enough right?!

Not only am figuring out life as disabled mom, wife and person but I'm still maneuvering my way to a cleaner eco-conscious lifestyle. We eat more Whole Foods, no eggs or tree nuts due to allergies, dairy free for myself and gluten just in moderation. Don’t get it twisted we still eat out occasionally, have treats, order fast food and eat gmos! We use holistic method when possible but still see traditional doctors, going for completely eco conscious but getting there slowly, use low toxic skin, body and hair care, have clean cleaning products (still use dawn for greasy dishes or messes) and just trying to live life!

When I was just starting out in my cleaner lifestyle I did what most I'm sure do is find a popular clean living blogger and trust her, naïve right? Knowing very little about any clean brands I began to try the brands this blogger said "was so good." Only to be let down, time and time again so much so I almost decided to give up and go back to using traditional products. After learning that she was only promoting products she was getting paid for completely changed how I viewed anything she said. I started to watch the same clean beauty bloggers and saw the pattern over and over again. Promoting only products you getting paid for and never say a bad thing about a product, pretty blah to me.

Knowing the importance of living more eco and clean for the sake of our health & planet I knew someone else was going to feel like giving up. Not wanting anyone to feel like that I created Simply Channon, a place where you can find knowledge, truthful reviews and products that are worth checking out. Know that any company I am affiliated with are products that I use in my life. Remember there’s no right or wrong way to live, choose a life that makes you not anyone else, you happy. We only have one home, one planet and we need to work together to save what we can.


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