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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Let’s be honest with each other, cleaning makeup brushes isn’t the number one thing on our mind and unfortunately gets pushed to the back burner. Although it not going to do damage a couple times using the brushes without washing but overtime things start to get scary. Take a moment to think about how you use makeup, apply to face, dip brush back into the makeup bringing bacteria with it and repeating until complete. Over time the bacteria begins to build up on both makeup brushes and the makeup giving yourself a bigger chance for acne as well as a unpolished finish.

It is recommended that makeup brushes are sanitized after each use and deep cleaned once a week, if used daily! For myself I use The Force of Nature All Purpose Cleaner as my sanitizer spraying after each use as well as in my deep cleaning mix. This brush cleaning mat really cuts down the time as well as cleans really well.

Supplies Needed

Cleaning Mixture

Step by Step Deep Cleaning Brushes

  1. Place brushes in bowl bristle side in the water. Allow time to soak if really dirty.
  2. Begin one brush at a time swirling around on the cleaning mat or towel until runs clear. May have to get brush wet with mixture a few times.
  3. Rinse in hot water and swirl around on the cleaning mat a few more times.
  4. Move brush over the dry towel in a back and forth motion until dry to touch! Don’t forget clean hands
  5. Han to dry with the bristles pointing down.
  6. Wait until completely dry before using. Usually dry by next day!


 Check out my YouTube Video here, to see the cleaning from start to finish


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