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Who Is MOB Beauty & Why You Need to Check them Out!

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I am so excited to tell you all about MOB Beauty, I have waited for weeks but the day is finally here!! Thursday January 21, 2021 MOB Beauty officially launches and let me tell you they are changing the game when it comes to clean and sustainable all in one brand! Unfourtanly the beauty industry produces an excessive amount of plastic waste and the waste is becoming more and more each year. If we take a moment to think about it how much beauty products and there packaging are you using and throwing away in one years time? I bet if you saved it for one year you would end up shocking yourself, I know I did when I saved all my skin care packaging and empty products for an entire year! There isn't very much you can do but recycle and be productive about reusing when possible. Another option is too look into brands that are using post recycled materials, recyclable packaging options and ingredients safe for the environment, and let me tell you MOB Beauty is that brand in the beauty world.


MOB Beauty Packaging | Your Toxic Free Momma

MOB Beauty is the brand to be talking about and supporting. One of their main focuses is on waste that is produced from the packaging to the products themselves. I am so happy to tell you they nailed it perfectly, not only is all their packaging made from PET resin (easiest to recycle) with at least 50% post-consumer recycled content (reusing material that already exists in the waste stream) but it is their mission to hit 100% PCR for all of our packaging! How neat is that? The table below shows you how much Post Consumer Recycled Materials they are using for each of there products as of 1/21/21. 

COMPACT 1 71.88%
COMPTACT 1+ 64.47%
PALETTE 4+ 52.88%
PALETTE 6+ 48.11%
LABELS 100.00%

Curtesy of mobbeauty.com


Another big focus behind the brand was the waste produced from products. How many times have you purchased a beauty pallet only to use a few of the colors or shades? Not only are use having to purchase another pallet costing you more money so you can get the colors you want, you end up wasting a lot of product and plastic! With all that in mind MOB Beauty created a way for you to build your own pallet with the products, shades and colors you are going to actually use. When you ready to order more all you will need to order is a refill, pop the old one out and push the new one in. Super easy, convenient and the refills packaging can be composted when removing the label or recycled if leaving the label on!

MOB Beauty Products | Your Toxic Free Momma

Let's talk about the products themselves. Each product is designed and developed by MOB Beauties Chemist and Product Innovation experts using clean, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free formulations. Resulting in high pigmented colors, smooth and silky textures with a high performance quality. They are 100% transparent about the ingredients they use, going as far as creating a list of no ingredients, its extensive check it our here. O yeah and wait until you try the lip stick, let me say BEAUTIFUL. Most clean lip sticks cause dryness on the lips, lots of smudging and even staining but not with MOB Beauty. You lips are left feeling hydrated not dehydrated, your lips wont be left behind on a glass and the colors are silky beautiful.

Giving Back

If that wasn't enough goodness let me tell you about the charity they support! MOB Beauty has partnered with #HashtagLunchbag to support and financially contribute to their great work. Founded in 2012, #HashtagLunchbag is committed to feeding and supporting people in need. They believe that when feeding other people, we are also nourishing ourselves. #HashtagLunchbag has provided almost 1M meals accompanied by a love note to a person in need around the globe. That is truly heart warming and happy to see a company start supporting a charity from the begging 

I have a feeling you will be falling in love with this brand as much as I have. Are you ready to start building your pallet over at MOB Beauty? Check them out here. Keep your eyes open for a up close look at the pallet, lip and eye colors!

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