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Low Waste Items That Make Sense

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Grabbing for more things that are low waste is not only beneficial to our planet but your health and wallet will see a positive result! On my journey I have come across some amazing low waste choices and just some that you can forget about. I know you love the mini series I did on Instagram and I wanted to create a post that you can come back to for reference or a guide on what low waste items to grab! Just a reminder start slow with the swaps, if it doesn't feel right just skip it and do you best not to compare yourself to anyone. Enjoy your journey, I promise it can be fun:)


Washable Napkins & Paper Towels

  • I would look on Etsy and Google not Amazon for these. Search 100% Cotton Washable Napkins & 100% Cotton Unpaper Towles!

Washable Duster, Cleaning Rags & Mop

  • For cleaning rags use old cotton shirts, check thrift shorts for material or rags or dollar store. No need to spend a lot for getting dirty rags plus if you reuse something from you or choose thrift that's better for the environment.
  • Duster & Mop find something that works for you and your needs while choose washable!

Silicone Cup Cake Liners

  • I have been using these and love them! The liners don't need to be sprayed before baking and the food just comes out with ease. They also wash up super easy and dishwasher safe:)

Reusable Gallon, Quart, Sandwich, Snack Bags

  • I have been using Stasher brand for over three years but have currently just had to throw two away because they tear down the side. I wouldn't say these will last you forever but they will save you money and save a lot of single use bags. They run saves throughout the year and occasionally on Amazon but defiantly grab while on sale through Stasher! When you buy through stasher you have a warranty for the bag so if they rip Stasher will send you a new one at no charge. 

Compostable Coffee Filters & Parchment Paper

  • Improve the flavor, protect the planet and you health with this simple swap to the brown compostable coffee filters!
  • Look for compostable parchment paper and reminder that you can reuse the paper if your baking on it!

Silicone Sheet Pan Liner

  • If you looking to invest go with the brand Silpat but order from them directly. Amazon has been reported to have fake Silpat online.

Water Filter

  • This one is completely dependent on your water needs, budget and family size. We have use the PUR and Brita counter pitchers but our water isn't that good so we were going through filters every two weeks when they were supposed to last 3 months. So with the price of filters and the extra water we are using the price wasn't working out in the favor of water filters for us. We use the counter top jug of water. 

Reusable Condiment Cups

  • We have been using these all school year in the kids lunch and I would recommend them. They don't leak or spill out, the kids are able to open and close them without problems. 

Refillable Hand Soap using Castile Soap & Reuse Soap Bottle

  • This one is incredible because you can make you own natural soap using Castile Soap & Distilled Water for only $0.50 per bottle! Find my recipe here. I use Dr. Bronners Castile Soap or Mountain Rose Herbs Castile Soap

Produce & Reusable Shopping Bags

  • Online you will find the pretty looking bags but remember they can be expensive and not necessary! Start by going to the store and just opting out of using the produce bags, that save the plastic waste and you didn't have to buy anything extra!
  • The reusable shopping bags start small, look at garage sales, thrift stores etc. Remember when trying to reduce and reuse we should be looking at thrifted options for things like this!


Saalt Period Cup

  • Once you get a cup down its nothing scary! I love it, you can't feel it, doesn't leak even when sleeping or jumping around. Find Saalt period cup in store at Target or online. They have sizes from Teen - Large as well as soft and stiffer cups.

SheThinx Period Underwear

  • Period underwear are so soft, absorbent and will change you mind about wearing pads! Shethinx brand is true to size and keeps your dry down there. Found online through SheThinx or Check out Target online or in store!

Rael Disposable Pads & Tampons (they are biodegradable and are wrapped in cloth!)

  • These are a great choice for disposable period care products. Made with 100% organic cotton, absorb well and doesn't feel like your wearing a diaper! These are found online through Rael, Amazon, Target online and in store.

Compostable Bamboo Band aids

  • Patch band aids give you the protection you need for cut and scraps without suffocating the skin or the planet! Yes you read that right no more soggy white looking area after taking a band aid off when using these band aids! Found online & in select stores.

Compostable Floss with Refillable Container

  • While this is just a little thing, regular floss is actually made from plastic and this is just a great alternative. There is Floss comes in a little glass jar that can be easily refilled reducing waste and the floss itself is compostable!

Bamboo Toilet Paper 

  • I will tell you bamboo paper is durable doesn't tear easy but isn't as soft as regular toilet paper. Here are the brands I have tried, I will rank them from best to worst;
    1. Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper
    2. Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper
    3. Cloud Toilet Paper
    4. Bippy Toilet Paper
    5. BetterWay Bamboo Toilet Paper


  • Safety razor for reusable option Eco Roots is a great brand or Preserve Razor for disposable choice. They are created from used Yogurt cups:)

Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Primal Life Organics has a manual brush or electric Bamboo Brush and the exciting thing is their Bamboo Replacement Heads fit Phillips Sonicare 3, 6 & 9 Series.

Refillable Hand Soap using Castile Soap and Reuse Soap Bottle

  • This one is incredible because you can make you own natural soap using Castile Soap & Distilled Water for only $0.50 per bottle! Find my recipe here. I use Dr. Bronners Castile Soap or Mountain Rose Herbs Castile Soap

Plastic Free Choices

  • Davids Toothpaste or Bite Toothpaste Tablets
  • Raw Elements Tin Sunscreen
  • Badger Balm Chest Balm
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving and Body Wash Bars (I am not a fan or bar soaps but if you are that's a great way to reduce plastic waste!)
  • Tin bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash


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