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Eco Up Your Bathroom

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When it comes to waste produced, the kitchen defiantly takes that top spot, but bathrooms come in at a close second. Just between the toilet and shower alone 40-50% of your monthly water is produced. Scroll down to find out how much water you could be saving plus discover all the ways ecoing up saves you money and our planet, after all planet B isn't an options!

Cotton Pads/Rounds

Purchasing organic cotton balls and pads are an option, but you are still producing waste and spending money, not to mention, almost always do they come packaged in plastic. Washing your face twice a day and apply a toner you will use two cotton balls or pads. Two cotton balls or pads a day equals 60-62 a month, equals 730 per year. Not factoring in using them to remove nail polish or clean cuts. Organic cotton balls/pads are between four to seven dollars per 100/pack. Knowing you will need 8 packs of cotton balls/pads for the whole year, you will spend anywhere between $32.00 and $49.00 a year. Replacing them with washable facial rounds not only saves you money in the long run, but you are producing no extra waste. Check out these bamboo rounds they are cheaper then what you will spend on disposable cotton rounds/balls in one year.

Hand Soap

After washing your hands a few times, you will most likely be left with dry cracked hands. Traditional hand soaps are filled with chemicals, sulfate, parabens and skin drying fragrances. With the skin being the most absorbent organ on your body, those chemicals and irritants are absorbed into your body. Plant based soaps have more plant fats allowing your skin to maintain moisture longer. I personal like to make mine using Dr. Bronners soap and reusing a foaming hand wash bottle. To get the full recipe check it out here


Plants are beautiful, uplifting and act as a great purify, keeping your air clean and healthy. Bathrooms could defiantly use clean air, right!? Most bathroom's are dark and windowless, making it a little but harder to keep plants in there. Look into plants that will require less light and like humidity, you might have to move them to get some sun during the day. Adding a plant light to your bathroom plant is another option and sets a calming mood. Check these plants out bamboo, ferns, ivy or spider plants, all are great bathroom plants.


About 32 percent of all plastic products end up in the ocean. Have you seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It's beyond mind blowing and incredibly sad how much plastic is polluting our oceans. Each year over two billion plastic razors are thrown away and only a small amount of them actually make it to the landfills. Swapping your plastic razors for a safety razor allows you to produce only a very tiny amount of waste from the razor blade. If a safety razor isn't your cup a tea not to worry, Preserve created razors from recycled yogurt cups. Reducing the waste one yogurt cup at a time.

Shower Head

Standard shower heads produce about 2.5 gallons of water per minute whereas, an efficient shower head produces max 2 gallons of water per minute. You will find that most efficient shower heads will produce either 1.6 - 1.8 gallons of water per minute. It may seem that 0.5 gallons per minute is only about 5 gallons if you take a ten minute shower, but when you take a moment to do the math you will discover that it can add up to about 1820 gallons of water each year, that is just one person. Let's be honest a 10 minute shower doesn't happen all that often, so that means its even more water waste. Check out this hand held shower head it only produces 1.6 gallons per minute. 

Shower Liner

Most plastic shower liners are used because they are effective at keeping water in the shower and easy on the wallet. Unfortunately most plastic shower liners are from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a compound consisting of a variety of scary toxins such as dioxins, phthalates, ethylene dichloride, lead, BPAs, and more. Due to the heat from the shower and moisture the liner begins to break down releasing these toxins into the air in turn being inhaled into your body. According the to EPA, this cocktail of highly-harmful substances can cause a variety of illnesses and levels of damage to your heart, lungs, reproductive organs, and more in addition to possibly causing cancer. ( Keep your eyes open for one made out of PEVA like this one here.


Around 30% of your indoor water consumption comes from you toilet. If you have a traditional toilet you are using up to 7 gallons of water per flush, whereas an efficient toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Let's do the math real quick, 1 person flushes about 5 times a day using 7 gallons each time. 35 gallons in one day from just one person, in a year you will have flushed 12,775 gallons of water. Now multiply 12,775 by the number of people that live in your house, our home of 5 uses 63,875 gallons in one year from flushing toilets. Replacing your toilet with a low flow efficient toilet using the same math as above each person would use 2,920 per year. You not only save money if you are paying for water, but also are reducing your water waste.  Check out this low flow toilet using only 1.28 gallons per flush.

Toilet Paper

Most toilet paper on store shelves may be biodegradable and forest approved but what they are not telling you is the concern. Possible containing fragrances, lotions, wheat, corn and/or glue, toilet paper is far from non-toxic. A process called dioxin (one of most toxic chemicals on the planet) is used to bleach the paper white using chlorine.  Recycled paper seems like a good idea, until you find out that even after the paper is broken down and recycled ink, dyes and/or bpa are left on the paper. Saving the best for last formaldehyde, yes the word you hear always linking back to cancer is used to give it's wet strength. Completely shocked? Yes so was I, imaging all those harmful toxins in toilet paper that we use daily, multiple times are being absorb into your body. Challenge yourself when you get low on toilet paper, to make the switch to a non toxic choice. Check out Who Gives a Crap, not only do they provide you with nontoxic bamboo toilet paper that comes in paper, they give 50% of there proceeds to help build toilets to those in need. Find out more about them here.


Toothbrushes may be a small wastes, but with about 7.6 billion people in the world, that small waste isn't so small. Replacing your plastic toothbrush with bamboo is the way to go. Bamboo is biodegradable, grown naturally, harvested sustainable and also is antimicrobial, therefor your handle will not grow bacteria. Grab your toothbrushes here.

Towels | Wash Cloths | Bath Mats

When it comes to eco choices with towel sets, bath mats and even shower curtains you have a few choices; Organic Cotton, Bamboo and/or hemp. Each one of them are eco choices but bamboo comes out on top for me. Bamboo is biodegradable, grown naturally and harvested sustainable. Since it grows naturally there is no need to spray it with pesticides or worry if it has been genetically modified. Even though organic cotton doesn't get sprayed with all those pesticides, pest will still attack the crop in turn some farmers choose a natural pesticide. Bamboo is super soft and thanks to it antimicrobial factor, will not mold. That means no more smelly mildew towels, and no more bacteria left on your towels. Did you know bacteria is left on your towels even after three washes? Yes, kinda grosses me out, how about you? Check out these wash cloths, bath mat, and organic towels.

Waste Basket

Stainless steel small waste basket that has a removable bin to make for easy cleaning. Most of those kind of baskets will have a lid making it perfect for a bathroom. Keep your waste basket plastic free by simply wiping it out when you are cleaning. You are not producing any more extra plastic and keeping our landfills happy. This one is perfect for your bathroom.

You should be ready to take on ecoing up your bathroom with no problem. When looking for things to hang on the wall or add as décor keep in mind the material they are made out. Your bathroom gets hot and humid making some materials not the best of choice.


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