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Putting your health and the health of our planet first should be the normal, not the other way around. The biggest challenge I seem to face is getting people to believe that big companies are putting harmful things inside everyday items and food. One of the most widely response is, "If these ingredients are so dangerous with documentation, why are companies still using the ingredients and how come they are not getting in trouble?" I admit I felt the same way, until I discovered that these companies only concern is the bottom dollar with no regard to the products they are producing or the damage they are causing on the body and the planet.
Chemicals, preservatives, GMO, HORMONES, toxins and pesticides all are added to products from cleaning to body care as well as food. Not just the boxed stuffed either, diary, meat, produce and spices. As if that wasn't bad enough, you can also add feminine products, baby diapers, wipes, wellness products and even in pharmaceuticals. Plant B isn't an option once we destroy our only home, let's start with items that you are using everyday. Grab a cup of coffee(tea, water, wine, beer lol) and get ready to ditch traditional living today, you got this:)
Baby Diapers

Disposable diapers are convenient and I understand the need for using them. Let's face it one child using reusable diapers is easy, when you start adding in more kids, responsibility, life and work reusable diapers can become overwhelming. I'm sure the extra hormones and lack of sleep don't help either, so believe me when I'm telling your use disposable, just use the safest option! Diapers are based off the absorbency factor and unfortunately that is part of the reason to avoid traditional diapers. The absorbing layer is created with these little blue crystals that go by several names including hydrogel, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylate absorbents. On Pamper's FAQ page they are called Absorbent Gel Material (AGM) and can absorb a significant amount of liquid given their smaller size.

SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers) are tiny plastic beads and are derived from petroleum that are included in the same absorbing layer. If that wasn't enough the material is bleached using a chlorine not like the one you can buy at the store but a chemical created whitening agent. During the bleaching process a chemical called dioxins is released into the material. Allowing it to absorb into the body when getting wet by peep, poop or even sweat. According to The Environmental Protection Agency dioxins has identified as a "likely human carcinogen. Last thing inside can be dyes or fragrance that can cause skin rashes, bumps and even burns. Disposable diapers take 500 + years to decompose, that is a lot of diapers that are going to be left behind. While you may be asking how can I still use disposable, the answer is its possible! Thankfully there are a few companies that create diapers free from all those chemicals and even have organic cotton so no risk of pesticides. The companies are Honest Company, Andy Pandy, Amazon Brand Momma Bear, Earth's Best and Eco Boom. There might be others out there so be sure to do your homework!
Cleaning Products
Most traditional household cleaning products contain harmful chemical that can cause eye, skin and throat irritation. The products release Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs that causes air pollution and lung irritation. While cleaning your face is in close area of the cleaner allowing it enter your body within seconds of spraying. These chemicals become part of the air and everyone in the house will breath them in. It will absorb through the skin if not wearing protecting gloves and usually leaves a film behind. When the products are finished and thrown away, the landfill that they sit in will slowly become contaminated. The chemicals that are left inside the bottle or that have leached into the plastic will seep into the ground contaminating the soil. My favorite cleaner that only produces a tiny capsule for waste is the Force of Nature Cleaner.

Force of Nature can be used on virtually any surface – sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, tile, plastic, rubber & colorfast rugs. It kills odors at the source in sports gear, cat litter, trash cans & diaper pails. It’s also an EPA registered disinfectant. Killing 99.9% of germs including salmonella, Norovirus, MRSA, Staph, Influenza A, Listeria & Pseudomonas. It is also able to tackle grease, grime, sticky messes, soap scum, odors & germs as effectively as bleach. Force of Nature cleaner uses no fragrances or dyes earning the highest possible rating by the Mayo Clinic’s SkinSAFE organization, used in schools and hospitals and is designated as 100% Top Allergen-Free. Not only will you take less time cleaning only having to have one product in your hand, you can know that you are not using harmful chemical and am reducing the waste of plastic in our landfills. You simple fill the bottle that is in the started kit with tap water, add the capsule of cleaning solution, place onto device and push start. The light will be blue and the count down clock will begin, once done remove the bottle and pour the cleaning solution into the bottle provided or a glass spray bottle of your choice.
Cotton Balls and Rounds
Yes, you may purchase organic disposable cotton balls and pads but you are still producing waste. Almost always do they come packaged in plastic and even if you are able to find them in a box there is still waste going into the landfills. Take a moment and lets do a little math. If you wash your face twice a day and apply a toner to your skin, that is two cotton balls or pads a day. Not to mention if you need to remove make up or are using them for a scrap. We will just go with two a day for this math. Two cotton balls or pads a day equals about 60, most organic cotton balls come in 100 packs at about four to seven dollars a pack. Doing the math real quick you will spend anywhere between $16.00 and $28.00 a year. Replacing them with washable facial rounds not only saves you money in the long run, but you are producing no extra waste. Simple Swap
Yes, believe me I was super skeptical and I was thinking this isn't going to work or it is going to give me a rash. Most non-organic deodorant is made with harmful chemicals that are aluminum based. These chemicals cause pores under your armpits to become clogged. Clogged pores may allow your not to sweat, but then your body has no way to get rid of toxins inside the body as well as making it harder to cool your body down. It is very important to your health that your body needs to sweat. I have done all the work to say the Primly Pure has an awesome deodorant, it is not vegan. If your looking for a vegan option Agent Nateur is the way to go.
Feminine Pads
This may be a big shock to you, so brace yourself. Did you know that you can get an infection like toxic shock from a feminine pad? Infections of this manner can become deadly or create bigger problems such as infertility or illness. Unfortunately non-organic feminine pads are created with insecticides, phthalates, bleach and fragrances. With the vaginal area being 10 x's more absorbent than your mouth, those chemicals are introduced into your body almost immediately. The FDA does not regulate feminine product companies to disclose what goes into them so there is no way to know. First thing that comes to my mind is, what are you hiding, why can you not tell me what is in your product? Organic pads are available online, local Whole Food or Trader Joes.
Hand Soap
After washing your hands a few times, you will most likely be left with dry cracked hands. Traditional hand soaps are filled with chemicals, sulfate, parabens and skin drying fragrances. With the skin being the most absorbent organ on your body, those chemicals and irritants are absorbed into your body. Plant based soaps have more plant fats allowing your skin to maintain moisture longer.
Makeup Brushes
Makeup brushes are created with either real fur from animals (horrible) or synthetic. Vegan and synthetic makeup brush are hypoallergenic, less expensive and will not effect you finished look. Eco-Tools are eco-friendly and budget approved. Their handles are created out of renewable bamboo and other recycled materials. They are PETA certified, meaning they are 100% cruelty free and vegan and they use 70% of plant ingredients in there sponges. Ulta will run great deals of these to grab them at a steal!
Paper Towels & Napkins
Paper towels are one of the top three items thrown away each year. Due to my borderline germ phobia I couldn't bring myself to use a washable rag when cleaning the toilet, but have use a washable rage for everything else. Using recycled paper towels from seventh generation in the bathroom and then using washable towels for everything else is the best option for me! Replacing paper napkins and towels with washable napkins and towels may cost a little more upfront but is worth it in the long run. Get in a habit of only using paper towels for big messes, oil spills or cleaning the toilet, while using the washable towels and rags for hands, cleaning around the house, messes through out the day or whatever else you might use a paper towel for. Before you reach for one ask yourself could I use a washable towel for this?
Plastic Water Bottles
The convenience of plastic water bottles may be great at the moment, but what about the waste. Switching to a reusable stainless steel water bottle will not only save energy but think about the resources that it takes to produce over 50 billion water bottles per year, also saving you money by not having to purchase water bottles and you would be supporting the Ban the Bottle campaign. Grab a stainless steel, BPA Free or Glass water bottle and a GoPure Pod water bottle filter and ditch the plastic today. While your getting a filter for you if you have pets, don't forget to grab a water bowl filter. Everyone needs clean water.
About 32 percent of all plastic products end up in the ocean. Have you seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It's beyond mind blowing and incredibly sad how much plastic is polluting our oceans. Each year over two billion plastic razors are thrown away and only a small amount of them actually make it to the landfills. The strip on most traditional razors is filled with a lubricant that clogs pores resulting in a not so close shave, ingrown hairs and painful razor burn. Swapping your plastic razors for a safety razor allows you to produce only a very tiny amount of waste from the razor blade. If a safety razor isn't your cup a tea not to worry, Preserve created razors from recycled yogurt cups. Reducing the waste one yogurt cup at a time. If you are thinking that a safety razor is scary, don't! It is so easy to use, you are able to get a super close shave and have barley any irritation or razor burn.
Shopping Bags
Very shocking fact coming your way. We use over 1 Trillion plastic bags per year. Yes, that is a T for Trillion not a typo! Bringing your own reusable shopping bag helps stop the plastic waste. How often have you got to the store or checkout and realized that you have left your bags at home? For me it was often until I started putting them back into the car immediately after unpacking them, making them always available in the car and never forgotten!
More then 70 percent of women in America use tampons. On average you will go through about 11,000 to 16,000 tampons in your lifetime. Like many of you, I never thought twice about what my feminine products were made out. You may be shocked to learn that non organic tampons contain harmful chemicals such as phthalats, petroleum, wood fibers, parabens, aluminum salt, fragrances and bleach just to name a few. Yes, you read that correctly it says Bleach. These chemicals among others have been linked to cancer, infections, vaginal dryness and hormonal disturbance. After all the FDA does not require the menstrual hygiene products manufacturers to disclose the ingredients used in their products. Putting your vagina health at the top of your health list even if it is only once month is so important, especially since your vagina is the most absorbent part of your whole body. Switching to organic cotton products is the best options. Organic tampons are biodegradable and hypoallergenic keeping your vagina from becoming irritated and dry. Organic tampons are available online, local Whole Food or Trader Joes. The Saalt Period Cup is also a great option! Never have to buy tampons again, do you how much money you could save in you lifetime of using products:) I bet its a lot!!
Even though toothbrushes are small wastes, they are still plastic waste non the less. With about 7.6 billion people in the world, that little waste doesn't seem so little after all. Replacing your plastic toothbrush with bamboo is the way to go. Bamboo is biodegradable, grown naturally and harvested sustainable and also is antimicrobial, therefor your handle will not grow bacteria. They even have bamboo toothbrushes that have a suction cup bottom so no more laying down on the counter top!
Grab your toothpaste and check the ingredients. Are you able to pronounce them? If you cannot then ditch it immediately. Non-Organic toothpaste are filled with chemicals, artificial sweeteners and flavors, preservatives, fluoride, Dietthanolamire (DEA) and propylene glyycol (PG). The chemical SLS is contaminated with carcinogenic byproducts that is linked to canker sores and skin irritations. If that wasn't enough DEA is linked to stomach, liver, bladder and esophagus cancers and PG is a mineral oil used in antifreeze and airplane de-icers. Yahh I think I am never going back to non-organic toothpaste. 
Ziploc Plastic Bags
Doing more dishes is not something any one wants to do, but it's better then using plastic ziploc bags. Not creating more waste in our landfills and oceans is so very important to our environment. A few good alternatives to think about are; butcher paper for freezing foods, storing leftovers or snacks in glass or stainless steel containers, and using washable snack bags. Marleys Monsters has so many great option for washable snack bags and so much more! Stasher bags are my favorite, not only are they made from silicon but you can cook, freeze, warm up and so much more with them! Check them out and find out more
While you are exploring and find a product that doesn't have any ingredients listed, reach out to the company. If no response, it's safe to say take your money else where. Be sure to always get labels, just because something is marked natural or organic doesn't always mean clean options Okay how are you feeling? Fed up, angry, upset, questioning your every discussion? I have been where you are and after the shock wears off and you begin to understand what to look for and avoid, you start to feel better and see change happening before your eyes! Most of these changes will come to save you money in the long run and produce less waste so its a win win all around! How are you feeling, I would love to know simply leave a comment or send me an email. 


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