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9 Ways to Use Chicken Bone Broth

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I have really gotten into making chicken bone broth from scratch each week. Not only is it more cost efficient than store bought, but I am able to control exactly what is being put in. Chicken bone broth is soothing and healing for the gut and is packed full of minerals, vitamins amino acids and essential fatty acids that our bodies are able to easily absorb. Finding ways to add it to our meals weekly was my goal, and little to my surprise I have found 9 ways to incorporate chicken bone broth that make the food taste that much more flavorful. 

Reheating Chicken

After cooking a whole chicken and eating dinner, we use the leftover's for another dinner. Most of the time we go with chicken tacos, bbq chicken wraps, or chicken soap. When reheating the chicken for tacos the last thing you want to do is dry it out, have you had dry day old chicken? Let me tell you it isn't that great! Solving this problem I added chicken broth to the pan while reheating and it kept the chicken moist. Now my chicken is warmed up and moist as if I just cooked it. Tip: slowly pour into pan until chicken stops absorbing the broth. I use about 1/8-1/4 cup depending on how much is in the pan and the size of the pieces.

Chicken Tacos

After the chicken is reheated or cooked replace the water with broth. If using the packaged seasoning use the same amount of broth that is called for on the package. If using your own seasoning mix add 2/3 cup of broth for every pound of meat your are using. 


Rice doesn't have to be so bland and flavorless, adding broth instead of water when cooking will give the rice a boost in flavor.

Mashed Potatoes

Once you are ready to begin mashing the potatoes, add in broth in place of milk and mash as usual. Since switching to broth, I have never gone back to milk in my potatoes. The potatoes turn out so much more creamer and flavorful. You will never add milk again! Tip: Warm the broth up before adding to the potatoes.

Cauliflower Rice

After cooking the cauliflower until fork tender, add in broth in place of milk when smashing. Slowly pour so that you do not create mush!

Crock Pot or Instapot Chicken

When cooking chicken in the crock pot, add broth in place of water for the bottom of the crock pot or instapot. The juices plus the broth leave the chicken tender and full of flavor. 


This one is a not brainier but broth makes so many soup option. My favorite so far to date is chicken, rice and veggie soup. 


Adding flavor to noodles is hard to do I feel, when making a chicken dish that has noodles in, add 1/2 broth 1/2 water during the cooking process. This will help tie the whole dish together. Tip: save a little of the water broth leftover after cooking and add it to the sauce to really blend all the flavors


When making broth you are going to drink, add a 1/2 tsp more salt to the crock pot. Sipping on broth is a great way to boost immune support and support gut health. Highly recommend that when drinking broth, warm it up a little first.

I'm sure I will discover more ways to use broth, but until I will leave you with these. When making broth keep in mind you can make any type of bone broth and incorporate it into more than just chicken. I have never tried any other bone broth yet, but you can make bone broth out of turkey, lamb, beef, pork, fish really anything with bones. Love the taste and the kids will even drink it straight, so it can't be that bad! Do you have anymore ways to use bone broth?


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