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4 Steps to the Perfect Shave

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We have all experienced how painful ingrown hair or razor burn can be, not to mention the red irritated bumps:( Now what if I told you that with 4 simple steps you can reduce you chances of ingrown hairs or razor burn by almost 80%. For me personally I have seen a huge decrease in razor burn, I didn't get many ingrown hairs but let me tell you. My razor burn was mostly around my bikini line and it was so painful and itchy. Not to mention the big red bumps that made it look worse than it was. I promise since adding these four steps into my shaving routine, I almost never get razor burn anymore! Before sharing the 4 steps, let's discover what both an ingrown hair and razor burn are.

Ingrown Hairs

  • An ingrown hair is when a hair grows either backwards or sideways causing a red bump that may or not become infected. They may happen any place on your body where the hair has been broken off unevenly.

Razor Burn

  • Razor burn is when the skin becomes inflamed causing little or big red bumps that may burn, itch and/or sting. Razor burn may be cause by
    • Not shaving properly
    • Using a dull razor
    • Shaving when skin is not wet or lubricated
    • Not moisturizing after

4 Steps to the Perfect Shave

Step 1: Use a Safety Razor

  • There are three reason to make the switch to a safety razor, the first is reduce waste production, second is to save a ton of money and the last is to protect your body. Most razors have a moisturized strip that helps the razor glide on the skin without tugging or pulling. Unfourtanly this strip is full of hash ingredients and they are not even listed on the box. You have to go to Gillette, Venus, Schick website and look for the ingredient listed for the strip.

  • I know you might be thinking that this tiny amount of strip can't be that bad for me. The reality is when you are shaving your pores are expanded allowing more product to be absorb. Shaving underarms and groin/bikini area is the main concern when it comes to the strip. This is due to the amount of lymph nodes that are in both of those areas, a little cut can encourage the ingredients from the strip to get into your lymphatic system. Most of these ingredients are linked to cancer and hormonal imbalance.

  • Breaking down the cost for a years worth of razors.

    • First up Lisse Safety Razor; Razor cost $59.00, comes with 5 blades. A 100 pack of blades cost, $18. Changing the blade every 7-10 uses with thin hair and every 4-6 uses with coarse hair. For this I am going to change the blade once a week. With the razor and the 100 pack of blades, it will cost you a  total of $77. This will last for two years! After that it will cost you $9 per year on blades.

    • Next Gillette Fusion Men's because women's stuff is always more money. Razor plus 4 blades cost $15. A pack of 12 blades cost $34. Changing the blade once a week you would need to purchase 5 12 packs of blades costing $170 each year. That is a lot of money and just think you will be spending $170 or more each year on razor blades!

    • Rinse razor and do not leave in shower. Store razor in a dry place.

Step 2: Exfoliate Before Shaving

  • Not only is exfoliating and important step in a healthy skin care routine, but it is just as important when you want to shave. Removing the layer of dry and dead skin cells before shaving allows an extra close shave, leaving the chance of an ingrown hair or razor burn to a minimal.

Step 3: Shave with a Shaving Oil, Shaving Bar or Body Wash & Warm Water

  • Warm warm helps to open your pores creating less tugging of the hair when shaving. Shaving without water or some lubrication you are almost guaranteed to get razor burn and possible an ingrown hair. Stay away from using conditioner as a lubricant. They are designed to coat the hair meaning you will not get a close shave, it can dull the razor and also clog pores leading to ingrown hairs!
    • Shave Properly, Rule of thumb, go with the hair growth
      • Legs - Start at your ankles and work up
      • Bikini - Go with hair growth
      • Armpit - Any direction
      • Face - Go with hair growth

      Step 4: Rinse in Cool water & Moisturize

      • Rinsing in cool water allows pores to close keeping bacteria and dirt out. Rinse razor after each swipe.

      • Apply a moisturizer such as body oil or body butter to damp skin. This allows the product to absorb better giving your skin all the vitamin and nutrient it needs to stay healthy.

      • Tip! After shaving your bikini area try to avoid tight fitting underwear as they may cause irritation leading to razor burn. 

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      I would love to hear if adding any of these extra steps have helped you keep razor burn and ingrown hairs down.

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